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Wirth Helps Navy Seals Foundation Raise Funds

Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holding and is one of the reasons why Squaw Valley has such a good reputation. Born in Nuebrucke Germany, Andy was set for success as he began his college career in Colorado. Andy did many different things before he chose to settle down in marketing.

He got his start interning at Steamboat ski resort. Andy was one of the people that was instrumental during the merger of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. The idea of only one ticket to ski both mountains was genius.

Andy Wirth is a person that loves to take risks. He loves ski diving and participating in things such as this. Recently, Andy was ski diving with his friends when he accidentally lost his way. The ski diving accident almost took his total use of his arm. He was falling towards a vineyard when he hit a post.

When he hit the post he lost his arm for about 15 minutes. During surgery he lost some of his bicep and latisimus muscles. This is something that is taking him time to recover from and he is working hard to complete his therapy.

Bloomberg reported that because of the recent accident, Andy Wirth is working with the Wounded Warrior project. He is helping to raise money by asking for donations for the Navy Seal Foundation. Andy lives in Truckee with is wife. He is working hard to help Reno Nevada and Lake Tahoe to improve and greet more vacationers.

The casinos are an attraction for Nevada and the resorts or skiing is an attraction for Tahoe. An exclusive article from CrunchBase reveals that because of his recent accident Andy Wirth is working hard to make the most out of life and his career. His life is full of things that people would want to achieve. Working with the community and the Navy Seal Foundation is proving to be a good dose of medicine for Andy. You too can donate to the foundation.


Bernardo Chua and His Impact on the Health Industry

For many people, the day doesn’t officially start until they have had their morning coffee. This billion dollar industry has an incredible number of choices to choose from. Bernardo Chua has helped to produce a major player in this industry along with the health industry as a whole. Founder and C.E.O. of Organo Gold, Chua has built a company that influences the food and health industry world.

Born in the Philippines, LinkedIn makes it pretty clear Chua is known as one of the top names in the direct sales industry. He has secured a prominent role in building two successful companies: Gano Excel and Organo Gold. Recently Chua has focused his efforts on coffees, teas and other everyday products to introduce people around the globe to the super herb ganoderma. He founded the company Organo in 2008 and they have changed the way many view their morning coffee.

Organo Gold has introduced to the market a range of products which are changing the industry by combining their beverages with the Chinese herb, Ganoderma, also known as ‘The King of Herbs.’ Doctors have raved about this 4200 year old herb claiming that it increases oxygen delivery, facilitates detoxification and even enhances immune function. Leading clinical nutritionist Dr Bob Rakowski said the following about the herb, “There’s really no-one walking around who can’t benefit from it in some way.” Those are strong words from an expert in the nutrition field. Currently Organo’s products containing this great herb can be found on their website, They include a variety of flavors and types including mocha, black coffee, hot chocolate, green tea, red tea and green tea.

With a company that is thriving in the health industry, there is no question that Bernardo Chua and his products will continue to have a worldwide impact for years to come.  If his speeches are any guide, Bernardo is definitely excited about the future.  Be sure to follow Chua on Facebook, for updates on Organo Gold and their company offerings.

Philip Diehl Contributions in the Coins industry.

The U.S Money Reserve is an institution that mainly focuses on precious metals such as gold, platinum, and silver. The company was started by a veteran in the industry who wanted the best for the industry and several years later, the company has done quite well, earning the trust of many people in the United States of America.

The US Money Reserve has managed to get an important place in the society for several reasons. The company specializes in government issued coins only, and this means that clients are sure that their money is safe. The company has also employed some of the best people in the customer care department, and this ensures that any customer who comes seeking to buy the coins is advised accordingly.

When an individual purchases their coins from the company, they are guaranteed of their money back, just in case, they feel that they do not need the coins anymore. This means that the institution is sure of the services they offer to their consumers, and it explains why the company has done so well in the competitive industry.

PR News Wire says that for any company to do well in the modern competitive market, it has to be led by an experienced CEO of the US Money Reserve. The company is led by one of the most influential people in the industry, Philip Diehl. Before starting to work for this company, Philip was working for a company known as US Mint.

The US Mint is also a big institution that specializes in the precious metals. He has done a lot of activities while working for the institution. Before leaving the institution, he wanted to ensure that one of the coins produced by the institution was abolished, known as the penny.

He continued with the company when he was appointed by Bill Clinton to become the president of the US Money Reserve. Although the campaign has met a lot of challenges, he has done all he can to ensure that the penny must be abolished, because it was bringing losses to the industry. He has worked for several other governmental organizations in the country, and this explains why he is such a good leader.

Recently, Philip Diehl introduced an online shop that would represent the institution in the online community. The company will now ensure that the people who cannot travel to the company offices get the right information and services from the company. The success the institution has managed to get is attributed to him.


Shaygan Kheradpir Brings New Leadership to Coriant

In the fast-paced time of the 21st century, the ever-fluctuating world of commerce and business is constantly looking for new ways to improve their logistical organizational capabilities. More often than not these improvements come in the form of network based solutions, which means it’s imperative that the options to be considered are optimized to fit an online environment. Luckily, server-based solutions is Coriant’s specialty.

Coriant is telecommunications company that offers business management tools in the way of hardware and software solutions. Server engineering and data organization is where the company’s primarily focused. They offer software specifically for network & transportation management, and hardware that offers optimized communication between data centers. With it’s advancements in optic networks, Coriant has grown to competitive heights with over 500 customers internationally and annual revenues exceeding $1 billion. This places them in the telecom company in the same market as Cisco, Huawei, and Alcatel-Lucent.

Shaygan Kheradpir serves as both Coriant’s current Chief of Operations and Chairman of the Board. According to the company, Kheradpir is a “business and technology leader with over 28 years of experience across telecom, technology, and financial services industries.” Kheradpir’s history in the field have included working as Verizon’s EVP (who helped spear-head FiOS), Chief of Operations at Barclay, and CEO of Juniper Networks. With a PhD in engineering, Kheradpir also brings technical expertise to the world of executive business.

Though Kheradpir is new to Coriant he brings with him every intention of advancing the company’s market footprint. “We are honored to welcome Shaygan to Coriant and fortunate to have an executive of his caliber leading the company,” says former CEO Pat DiPietro. “… we are confident in his ability to drive Coriant to the next level of growth.” this growth in company expanse will no doubt be fueled by Kheradpir’s experience in addition to the company’s enticing optic offerings.

With more than three billion people online today (and more connecting everyday), the telecommunications field is a marketing battleground. With a new, well experienced CEO a the helm it’s clear that Coriant doesn’t intend to go up against its competitors unarmed. Time will tell if their new leader can help the company soar to new heights.


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An Uptick In Dating App Use Will Impact Skout

A recent article in Adweek predicts an uptick in dating app use around Valentine’s Day, and there are many dating apps that will see an increase in users. The users who are looking for new mates over the Valentine’s Day holiday may use Skout to find friends. Skout is far different from its competition, but Skout is not a dating app at all. Skout is an open forum where people choose friends based on pictures, and this article explains how Skout figures into dating app statistics.

#1: Skout Has Banned Traditional Dating-Style Pictures

Skout recently banned bathroom selfies or any other selfie that involves a topless subject. The bathroom selfie became popular after celebrities started posting them, and Skout wants its users to remain as wholesome as possible. There will be people who prefer to look for a mate using wholesome photos, and Skout provides a platform for people who do not want to be assaulted with pictures that show too much skin.

#2: Can People Find Mates On Skout?

Skout is a platform where people may find romantic partners, but the platform is not designed to help people find romance. The romance that happens on Skout happens naturally because of the design of the app, and the moderators on the app ensure that everyone is remaining clean while meeting a new mate. Dating app usage will increase, but Skout offers a vastly different experience than what people see on other sites.

#3: Why Find A Partner Right Before Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is universally accepted as the day of love, and people prefer to go on dates over this holiday, and the holiday gives people an excuse to look for a mate if they are not currently in a relationship. The swarm of people who are looking for dates will make their way to apps like Skout, and every app provides users with a chance to meet new people. No one can go on a date without getting to know someone first, and Skout offers the best platform for getting to know people in a benign manner.

#4: Will Skout Ever Change?

Skout is not likely to change from their expressively family-friendly setup. The company has chosen to remain open to people who want to meet friends, and the company will continue to moderate accounts on behalf of all their younger customers. Anyone looking for a date on the Skout app must be prepared to use facial selfies only, but the platform will not slow down because of this. Skout will take on many customers who need a date for Valentine’s Day.

The Valentine’s Day holiday is a time for everyone around the world to go on a nice date with their mate. Anyone who is not in a relationship must find someone to go out with, and apps like Skout help people meet new mates. Skout is not a dating app, but it is a place where people may find potential romantic partners is a wholesome and family-friendly environment.

Greg Hague Reshapes the Real Estate Industry

Greg Hague is an entrepreneur, attorney, law professor, and author, but he’s best known for his passion for shaking things up in the real estate industry. After building several successful real estate firms, he now speaks across the country about his winning methods.

Hague strongly believes that marketing homes for sale needs to change. The current practice involves putting a for sale sign in the yard, listing it on MLS, run a few ads, hold an open house, and hope a buyer comes your way. He feels the way Apple and Amazon market products would be much more successful in selling homes, and that is why Hague is working to change the current practice with his newest venture, Real Estate Mavericks.

This project is a real estate coaching company that allows Hague to spread his methods to the real estate industry. He offers to coach anyone on how to use his 22-step Home Launch Formula and 29-day Fast Sale Plan that will give the real estate industry a better direction.

Real Estate Mavericks focuses on building excitement and demand before front-loading the home marketing effort. In Hague’s eyes, any home’s time on the market is simply death to the selling price. His steps are designed to create a lot of potential buyers the moment the home is listed on the market by using a buy now and don’t lose it technique that motivates buyers to act fast while the home is still at its highest price.

The entire process starts with what Hague calls the pre-launch sequence. Before a for sale sign is ever put up, before the house is listed on MLS, the sales agent creates a motivational story that is strategically fed to the market using terms like amazing home, remarkable price, and coming soon. This technique generates excitement in the market before the product is even released, much like when Apple releases a new phone, so when the actual product is dropped, buyers are lining up around the block to buy the product. With homes, this is very effective because buyers love to see homes that haven’t actually hit the market yet and are likely to pay more to get the home before it is publicly released for sale.

Through the entire coaching process that Hague is selling with Real Estate Mavericks, he stresses the most important message, don’t just put a home up for sale. Work on advertising and generate excitement in the market to get buyers excited and willing to pay more. In essence, he gives realtors ways to create an ad campaign like companies would for any other product in order to sell for the highest price and make the most profit.

Exciting Food vs Boring Food

If dogs could talk, they would say that most forms of dog food offered by companies are boring. Even the wet food found in cans are boring. One reason that they are boring is that they are manufactured in a way that there is no recognizable ingredients. If there is one thing that dogs notice, it is that their owners have more varied options when it comes to food. They get to taste all of the different dishes while the dog is stuck with having to eat the same thing everyday. Dogs love variety too, which is why companies are starting to release premium types of dog food. Among the companies that are releasing premium dog food is Purina. Purina Store is a manufacturer of Beneful dog food. One thing that sets Beneful apart from all of the other companies of dog food is that they offer ingredients that are both varied and visible. The ingredients are not mashed into unrecognizable form. The dog owners could see for themselves that the ingredients are legitimate. There are also a wide variety of foods that are available for the dog. This way, the dog can experience the excitement of eating food that is similar to what the owner eats as opposed to boring dog food. Even better, Beneful offers people the opportunity to come up with their own combination and meals for their dogs to enjoy. This gives dogs even greater options. Their owners do not have to limit themselves to the default choices of their owners. They can use their creativity to bring great taste and greater health to their pets. Their pets will appreciate the food that they are given in their bowl and will be less likely to beg their owners. Premium dog food is the answer that many people are looking for in order to bring longer and healthier life to their dogs. They can look for premium food in the store. They can also look online for even more options which include the ability to design their own food for their dogs. The possibilities are endless for dog food.

Reasons behind the Emerging Dog Food Manufacturing Companies

Over the years, dogs have been considered as the best animal friends due to their nature of providing security to people. This has been witnessed since time in memorial when dogs were domesticated and used for hunting wild animals by human beings. It is due to this good nature of friendship that has necessitated the development of companies manufacturing quality dog and pet food. This is geared towards maintain high quality food that will leave the dog growing healthy and at a faster rate. According to a publication on Daily Herald, modern companies have taken over the industry in the manufacturing of quality and fresh dog food. For instance, Richard Thompson is the Chief Executive Officer of Small Gourmet-Food Manufacturer has developed modern dog food that has all the ingredients needed for the development of any type of pet. This is through incorporating fresh chunky chicken and turkey recipes in the manufacturing process to enable the food remain fresh with maximum protein content. Companies like Fresh Pet and Blue Buffalo used to blend lamb and salmon as a way of making dog food and mixing it with organic grain-free for years but with the emerging market structures, the company have moved in providing quality food that guarantees growth. This was published on Beneful Dog Food is a company that has been in existence for a long time. The company has spearheaded the manufacturing of wet dog food, dry dog food and dog treats. As such, people are able to choose which type of food products to go for during the growth of dogs through different stages. The Beneful brand was fast introduced in the Amazon market in 2001 and since then it has widely been used for nutritional purposes by providing proteins needed for normal growth of the dog. The food comprises of pieces of beef which provides the required body nutrition and the name was derived to mean the products are filled with goodness. Through advertisement, the company drew much attention from many parts of the world. For instance the television advertisement made the company increase its profit to 300million dollars. As such, the company has been in the industry for a long time gaining trust from many consumers across the world.

Solo Capital and Their Contribution to the Business World

Source: Bloomberg

Getting the right tools to help manage a business is something that defines the outcome one will be able to record from a venture. Many people have been able to handle businesses that have proved to offer awesome returns and this has been attributed to the fact they have paid keen attention to details that can help to make the business more stable. It is traumatizing to see a business go down due to things like mismanagement or lack of sufficient knowledge in some areas. To avoid facing such failure, it is advisable to work with experienced professionals who have been in the business world for some years. Solo Capital offers hope to many investors, who could be having good ideas but are not able to decide due to things like lack of relevant business information. They are among top companies that are known to assist businesses claim a good share of the market and stay profitable despite competition.

Solo Capital is a registered company that has been offering unique services in the area of investment management. Their policy of maintaining honesty and allowing for the best services to prevail has elevated them to the highest position among companies in their category. For investment management, Solo Capital will delegate professionals who are verified to work in that field so as to avoid the mistakes that happen as a result of poor decision making among many people. They are also able to offer an analysis of the situation to ascertain whether some processes are necessary. Besides managing an investment, Solo Capital will also advice on the timing to allow for prudent decision making and to help investors avoid making losses while at it.

Every business needs security so as to proceed seamlessly. This is a concern that has hit the market and many people have been affected due to an increase in the number of risks that an investor is supposed to handle. Solo Capital is a well organized team of professionals who are dedicated to guarantee security for businesses and to offer direction on the course of action that one is supposed to embrace. They also offer proprietary trading services, which have allowed many to claim profits and to speed up transactions. This is to help people who are not able to make follow ups for all the documentation that is necessary for such transactions to proceed. If you need unique and reliable services, get, more details from their Twitter or Facebook platform.

Slyce Simplifies Shopping With Slyce Link And Working With Fortune 500 Company

What’s New In The World Of Online Shopping?

There have been some serious changes in the exciting world of online shopping in the past few months. Slyce is a relatively new company that specializes in visual search on technology. They use their technology to bring consumers closer with their purchases. Instead of going to the shopping malls or even typing into a search engine what they want, consumers are able to use the Slyce app to speed up their purchases. They use the app to take a picture of anything they want to purchase. Slyce connects consumers with a list of available retailers that have the item for sale. The company is saving consumers money, and they are making more money for retailers. By connecting consumers with the cheapest deals on what they want they are able to save consumers a bundle. They also help retailers move more product while spending less on operating costs. This article will discuss some of the newest features of Slyce and their newest connection to a Fortune 500 Company.

What’s New With Slyce’s Platform?

Slyce has made changes to their platform that somehow make the experience of shopping even easier for the consumers who are lucky to forgo the long lines this holiday. They have brought on a customer service team whose main job is to assist consumers in finding the perfect purchase. They have a spot on the app where consumers can talk directly with their shopping helpers. The newest addition, however, is called Slyce Link. This new feature helps consumers find an alternative product when their primary choice is not available because it is out of stock. Slyce Link shows the user similar products and items that the user might like.

What’s New With Slyce’s Connections?

Among other serious connections, Slyce has started working with a major toy retailer. This company is a Fortune 500 Company. It is expected that the company’s profits will double after this connection is underway. Slyce has offered this service to other retailers, as well. They are already working with Home Depot, JC Penny and to connect customers to their desired purchase in the matter of a few clicks on their phones.